11-12-13 August 2017 - Ta'Qali, Malta.

Decline The Fall

Back in 2014, John (Vocals) was asked to audition for the band ‘Remember Nothing’ as a backing vocalist. After getting on good terms with the band’s singer, Carlo, he noticed his potential. Carlo suggested that John should start his own band with Nathan Adams (initial drummer) and also offered to help start form ‘Decline the Fall’ (DTF).

It wasn’t long before Fred (former bassist and drummer) joined the band. Ayrton Tonna was introduced as guitarist. A few months later, Carlo opted to focus on his band and therefore parted ways with the rest of the band.

This change brought the idea to name the band, ‘Decline the Fall’ since Carlo’s departure took a toll on the bands morality. The band then started to audition other guitarists and that’s when former ‘Cyanide’ rhythm guitarist, Kris Farrugia, came into the picture. He quickly bonded with the rest of the band members and since then became a stable member of the band.

Early 2015, the band was losing motivation, mostly due to various influences affecting creativity with new material. That’s when it was agreed that the band members would switch roles.

Fred switched from Bass to Drums, Nathan switched from Drums to Lead Guitar and Ayrton switched from Guitars to Bass. Due to personal reasons, Ayrton left the band but nonetheless supports the band whenever necessary. Shortly after, it was decided that Fred would part ways with the band due to motivational purposes.

A few weeks later, Ehren Fenech, also an ex-band member of ‘Myopic Destiny’, was introduced to the band as the new drummer and immediately bonded with the rest. It wasn’t long before we came across Fabio Negro, former bassist of Italian bands ‘Seal of Souls’ & ‘Phenris’.

All band members got along immediately with Fabio since he brought another language and a few good laughs to the practice sessions, together with technique and fresh musical ideas.

This is when DTF decided to up their game and take things to the next level. They recorded their first two singles, which will make their debut at the end of 2015. These singles were followed by the release of another one which continued to keep the momentum going.

July ’16 marked Nathan’s last performance with DTF and was then replaced by Matthew Mercieca who has brought yet another complex style to the band.

DTF are now writing new material and are preparing for a promising 2017, filled with performances and the launch of their new album!

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Decline The Fall will play Friday at 20:20 on the Metal Stage

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