11-12-13 August 2017 - Ta'Qali, Malta.

Milk Mi

In this day and age of continuous bombardment by music, it is difficult to resist getting stuck in the rut of ‘what others are doing’ and end up getting tied into one genre…

This is precisely what Milk Mi has managed to avoid doing throughout the past few years. The band has been able to keep itself out of the box, avoiding its comfort zone by always pushing towards new sonic limits and experimentation. Notwithstanding, this has helped them to create their own style of music and imagery.

As testament to this, the three songs recorded by Milk Mi during the summer of 2012 manage to show the band’s musical versatility with songs ranging from the upbeat (Party) to the heavy (Superhuman) to a darker exploration of human nature (Big Girls). In early 2013, Milk Mi teamed up with Diplomatic Brothers, three talented producers from the electronic scene, who created a remix for Big Girls, resulting in a mellow yet equally dark electronic version of the song.

Since then, Milk Mi has not slowed down. The musical set has continued to expand, with the infusion of dubstep, swing, and classical rock sounds, and various musical videos have been shot.

With the release of their upcoming EP entitled ‘Scarlet Coats’ earmarked for July 2013, and more upcoming recordings, Milk Mi will definitely satiate your entertainment hunger for the future.

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Milk Mi play Saturday at 22:30 at The Cave

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