11-12-13 August 2017 - Ta'Qali, Malta.

Noogie’s Crew

Noogie’s Crew currently is a 3 piece band, Nigel ‘Noogie’ Buttigieg on Lead Vocals and Guitars, Charles Buttigieg on Bass Guitar and backing vocals, and Mario Dalli on Drums and backing vocals, but it was’t always that way.
Back in 2011 Nigel and Mario wanted to form a hard rock band together and it was obvious who they wanted to bassist to be since Charles is the father of Nigel and Mario and him worked together for a long time before . They did their first gig together at Rookie’s. Then they thought its better to bring in another guitarist to make us a 4 piece band. Clive Brincat then joined the band and they stayed like that for quite a while doing gigs etc. Then in early 2012 Nigel quit Noogie’s Crew to join a young alternative rock band called ‘Infinite Loop’ but that’s another part of the story. Time past by and in early 2015 Nigel wanted to get Noogie’s Crew back together as his passion for hard rock music never died. But sadly Clive couldn’t return to the band cause of personal reasons. So we tried to find a replacement but we did not succeed so we decided to go back as we started and stay as a 3 piece band.

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Noogie's Crew play Friday at 18:50 on the Rock Stage

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