11-12-13 August 2017 - Ta'Qali, Malta.


Sahhar’s biography is quite simple, as what matters is the release dates; or more specifically, when I compile some tracks and put them for the public ey- err, ear. What also matter is the themes that come to my mind, both what comes as lyrical content and also what inspired the soundscape for the album.

As some of my more stoic followers will notice, each release has a particular sound, unique to all others. This is also true to the attempt of having a more professional sound as well, each album signifying a milestone of progress. Or so I try. As for the lyrics they are generally not published, though I’m more that willing to explain what on earth or hell I’m screaming.

n.b bracketed names are the english translation.

1st gathering: 2006 – Qamar Gdid [New Moon].
Lyrically varying from depressing verses to utter misanthropy. Musically simple. And an utter inconsitency of recordings in the tracks. Only spread manually with peers no official release though. Might compile a digital anthology in the future.

1.2 Gathering: 2007 – Genesis of Demise.
First ‘official’ demo. Recording techniques are same in the main three tracks with the intro being nothing more than slow negative MIDI tones. My resources well always limited but I always try to be efficient with them. Lyrically on the offensive, quite shocking as the few who know will be able to tell.

The above releases were later compiled in one single anthology,

2nd Gathering. 2008 – Magija Sewda [Black Magic]
More tracks than it’s predecessor, mostly faster too. Drums like clockwork on cocaine. Guitars dry and distorted but with increased skill. Lyrical themes might be shocking but this album has a more storyline approach to it, especially the last four tracks. They include necromancy, black magic inquisitorial topic. My interest in occult elements, on an academic basis, is public and this album expresses them rather vividly.

3rd Gathering – 2009 – Thine Triumphant Death
A split release tape with Iconic Destruction, lyrics to a particular track written by a friend of mine. Quite a good release with a good response probably because a record label was involved with the equation. It also was an overseas project. It was written rather quickly and same went with recording. Due to my tendency of writing lyrics slowly, compounded with the deadline I had, half the track were instrumental.

In 2010, I was working on another release but some issues in my life resulting into a horrible sound, or at least not the sound I was expecting. Also similar issues then eventually forced me into a sabbatical.
I returned to the horror in 2012. Said album, entitled simply III is available on bandcamp for free download nowadays.

4th Gathering – 2013 – Mera Mkissra [Broken Mirror]
Short, Crisp and varied with an immense effort on vocal variations. Soundwise is my most balanced yet and musically is more, impulsive with a major focus on the sound. Lyrically the theme is apocalyptic and maddening with some Semitic occult touches. There was a gap between my previous ‘proper’ release so I was rusty. I’m thankful for the motivation my friends and my wife gave me.

5th Gathering – 2014 – Difna Fl-Infern [Burial in Hell]
I couldn’t afford to replicate the vocal effort Mera Mkissra had due to my voice going tits-up a few months earlier. But it takes Mera Mkissra’s sound and boost it to newer levels. Most of the tracks are in My second longest release it boasts 8 tracks and 36 minutes of sound. Lyrically is an amalgamation of both a journey and a depiction of hell with a lot of twists. This album also features a track which lyrically is not of my credit. I was glad the way this album turned out that I celebrated its ‘launch’ with a small event as well.

6th Gathering – 2014 – Posseduti bil-Ħażen [Possessed by Evil]
This is an E.P. driven with negative thoughts, and despite it was recorded not too far after the previous release, it boasts a very different sound from it’s predecessor. The lyrics are quite spontaneus and reflect personal and private event which I endured during those times. Meant to be a split but to no avail, I published the short, extremely raw sounding release digitally

Late 2014: Sahhar united forces with Hibernacula records.

8th Gathering – 2015 – Kruha u Kefrija [Hideousness and Cruelty]
This was by far my most ambitious release, and it was worth all the effort, features several other artists contributing both to the art and the visuals on this release. Lyrically, it’s fuelled with anger, chaos and Kaballistic elements, and it’s dedicated to the memory of two very important people in my life which became one with the cosmos. The music is more intimate than others, having a more natural feel towards it.

This was also the time where I made my debut live performance with the helpful aid of my peers and fellow musicians. The performance was a success.

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