11-12-13 August 2017 - Ta'Qali, Malta.

Thy Legion

Hailing from Malta, the band was formed during the second month of 2004. As a war black metal band under the name of Bellum, this consisted of:
• Tyrone Mifsud – Vocals, Drum Programming
• Tonio Spiteri – Vocals
• Elton Falzon – Guitars
• Shaun McCarthy – Guitars
• Kurt Dimech – Bass (ex-Martyrium)
The band started writing their own material, and later on changed their name to Thy Legion.

Thy Legion debuted on stage, supporting Abysmal Torment’s ‘Epoch of Methodic Carnage’ CD launch. The audience was overwhelmed with the band’s stage presence and the material they were listening to. After a couple of successful local gigs, the band’s notoriety as one of the most aggressive, if not the most brutal live bands in Malta was immediately cemented.

The band entered Spinesplitter Studio their first Full Length album. Proudly holding the flag of old-school tunes, self-released ‘Proclaimer of Chaos’ is a combination of eight destructive tracks which are fast, aggressive yet flowing at the same time. Later on the same year, the band released their first CD onto an unsuspecting crowd, which was followed by a spate of local and foreign appearances. Thy Legion shared the stage with names such as Purgatory (GER) and Dew Scented (GER).

Tyrone and Shaun called it quits, causing the first and only disruption in the band. Mark Dimech (ex-Martyrium) replaced Tyrone on Vocal duties, David Depasquale (Abysmal Torment) as a live session Guitarist and Clayton Cini on Drums. Now that the band is back in full force, Thy Legion focused on writing and rehearsing new material. Later on the year, the band took part in the 10th Edition of the Black Land festival in Berlin, sharing the stage with bands including Recapture (GER), Spawn (GER), Golem (GER) and Necromorph (GER).

It was time for Thy Legion to re-enter Spinesplitter Studio to record the album ‘Venerato Diaboli’. The six track album is dark and dynamic with black metal rhythms with sharp and energetic death metal melodies.

Thy Legion self-released ‘Venerato Diaboli, changing their reputation to a more direct and brutal way of blackened death metal. The band was promoting their album ‘Venerato Diaboli’ even outside the Maltese shores. After a few more gigs, the track ‘Feed Them Bullets’ got such a positive response from the crowd that it soon became the band’s anthem. On the 28th of June, Thy Legion were part of the Mediterranean Metal Gathering, alongside For the Godless (MT), Beheaded (MT), and death metal giants Cannibal Corpse (USA). Later on the year, the band released their first official Music Video for ‘Sadism Through Holy Intervention’, (produced by Dirty Iris) from the album ‘Venerato Diaboli’.

‘Venerato Diaboli’ was re-released by Satanica Productions and strongly followed by Reviews and interviews from various webzines. Later on in the year, Thy Legion got together with local one-man band Prayer of the Dying, this time releasing the first split between Maltese acts “Into the World’s Oppression”. This 7” vinyl was released under Nekrogoat Heresy Productions. The Band also took part in the 1st edition of the Malta Death Fest, as well as supporting thrash titans Contradiction (GER). ‘Venerato Diaboli’s response did not end there, as the album gave Thy Legion additional opportunities to perform in Germany, this time in Dresden. The band played alongside acts such as Arranged Chaos (GER), Purgatory (GER), and old-school death metal pioneers Master (CZ). After the successful Dresden gig, the band took a break from gigs altogether and focused more on new material for their third album ‘World Stigmata’, which would differ from their previous albums.

Thy Legion entered XIR Mobile Recording Studio to record ‘World Stigmata’. After 2 years in the dark, the band resurfaced, this time sharing the stage with Abysmal Torment (MT) and Repugnance (MT). In December, Thy Legion also took part in the They Brought Death and Eternal Doom festival, sharing the stage with names such as Beheaded (MT), Nomad Son (MT), Victims of Creation (MT) and Carnifloor (NL).

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Thy Legion will play Sunday at 23:20 on the Metal Stage

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