11-12-13 August 2017 - Ta'Qali, Malta.

Twenty-Six Other-Worlds

Twenty-Six Other-Worlds is a progressive metal band from Malta, in the vein of Dream Theater, Symphony X and Pagan’s Mind. The band is best known for having a great balance between technicality and musicality.

The band’s songs are driven by heavy, dual-guitar riffs, as well as melodies and harmonization. Chris Grech’s vocals complete the picture with a broad palette of textures and notes spanning several octaves.

So far, Twenty-Six Other-Worlds have released one EP titled “Manipulated”, and a single called “The Quiet Place”. However, the band is currently working on producing new material planned to be released by Q4 of 2017.

The current line-up consists of Chris Grech (Vocals), Adrian “Skid” Zammit (Guitar), Steve Said Sarreo (Guitar), Edward Mifsud (Keyboards), Cedric Debono (Bass & NS/Stick), and Jonathan “Luni” Briffa (Drums).

Twenty-Six Other-Worlds has made regular appearances at the Xtreme Metal Assault yearly festival, as well as other festivals and concerts around the island.

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Twenty-Six Other-Worlds play Friday at 20:50 on the Rock Stage

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