11-12-13 August 2017 - Ta'Qali, Malta.

Upper Lip

Formed in 2013, Upper Lip is a new rising band from the island of Gozo. Sharing a love for music, particularly for the rock genre, it was natural for the members to form a band and pursue the dream of performing in front of an audience.

The chosen name for the band – Upper Lip – is a sort of tribute to the great bands of the golden years of rock. Any conossieur of this genre will immediately think of ACDC (with their song Stiff Upper Lip) and the Rolling Stones when hearing the name Upper Lip. In fact these bands and others of their time have a huge influence on the music and performances of Upper Lip.

Upper Lip made their debut performance on the 30th November 2013 at a rock night in West End Bar (Xewkija) along with Ascendor and Roundhouse Kicks. On that night Upper Lip’s performance was greatly received by all those who attended the event. Since then the band has been invited to play in various other venues, among which are rock nights and events such as the ‘Karnival tan-Nadur’.

The reception Upper Lip had, while still in its early days, augurs very well for the future of the band. In fact in the near future, Upper Lip will be working on their first single… but more details about this will be published on this page in the coming days.

So visit this page regularly to keep yourself updated on Upper Lip and in the mean time keep rocking on! \m/

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Upper Lip play Friday at 19:30 at The Cave

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